Preview: Broadway Knights

What you can expect at the 2021 Broadway Knights show amid COVID restrictions


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Members of thespian troupe #2660 rehearse for Broadway Knights in 2018.

Olivia Godinez, Opinion Editor

“Broadway Knights” has been an annual event for Robinson High School for many years now, but it almost didn’t happen this year.

However, through many compromises, troupe #2660 theatre director Maureen Pelamati managed to get the school to allow them to perform for the student body. Students are required to social distance outside of their performances (including backstage) and every performer gets their own individual mic to prevent the spread of germs. This has caused many difficulties for the tech crew, as normally the same few mics would be passed around, and the more mics there are, the easier it can be for things to go wrong.

Broadway Knights will open on Jan. 14, at 6 p.m. No intermission will be held, but audience members can expect a varied show of 12 acts ranging from a musical performance of SIX and an acting duet from the movie The Lighthouse.

To ensure Robinson students’ safety, audience members must be in groups no bigger than four people, and space is required between each group. Masks are also to be worn throughout the entirety of the performance, and no snacks will be sold.

Tickets are available for presale from Pelamati and any theatre kid for five dollars, but will go up in price at the door to 10 dollars. More information can be found on troupe #2660’s Instagram.

Edit: as of Jan. 13, Broadway Knights will be held over a livestream, and will not have an in-person audience. Tickets are still available.