PSTA/SGA clothing drive provides community-conscious way to gain service hours

Robinson teams up with the OASIS Network to bring clothing to students in need this February.


Photo Courtesy Robinson High School SGA

The Student Government and Parent Teacher Student Association team up to host the RHS clothing drive.

Samuel Elliott, Staff Writer

The Robinson Parent Teacher Student Association, in association with the Student Government, return with another supply drive. This drive works to benefit the OASIS network, a Hillsborough County-based charity organization focused on providing low-income students with clothing and other necessities to support their learning. The drive takes place from Feb. 1-11, and is focused on donations of clothing and shoes.

The drive also offers a convenient way for students give back to their community while earning service hours: one hour of service work for every 10 bags of clothing or 10 pairs of shoes donated, with a maximum of 20 service hours available per student. Each bag should be around the size of a grocery bag. Items of high priority are listed below, but bear in mind that donations can be wide reaching, from t-shirts to dress clothes, jackets to dresses, shoes, caps and others. However, donations should be kept to new or gently used items.

Items in need include:

  • Girls’ size 12-18 jeans and shorts
  • Boys’ size 14-18 jeans and shorts
  • Hoodies in Youth and Adult sizes

We spoke to SGA member Priya Sambasvian (’22) to gain a little more insight on the impact students can have in participating this week:

“We will provide [through this drive] a really beneficial impact on our community within and outside Robinson. There are many disadvantaged people, with no doubt that Covid has made everyone’s situations more difficult,” she said. “so hopefully this clothing drive will ease some stress in even one family, or provide even one kid with warm clothing during a cold front.”

Sambasvian also commented on service hour possibilities for students:

“Personally, I believe this is a great opportunity for students to safely gain some easy service hours. Thanks to Covid, many students’ volunteer opportunities have been cancelled or postponed, mine included, so this clothing drive is a great opportunity for everyone with mutualistic benefits for students and the community.”

Interesting to note in this drive is where the donations are headed: Hillsborough’s own OASIS (Outreach Assisting Students In Schools) Network, a volunteer-driven organization committed on providing students in need with clothing and hygiene supplies. The operation’s outreach and order-delivery programs provide over 11,000 students per year with the basic necessities they need to have a fulfilling and successful school life.

The program also offers, though not affiliated with Robinson and this specific drive, direct online donations, as well as an Amazon Wishlist page for immediate clothing needs; both are great opportunities for Covid-conscious actions one can take to benefit their community.

Drop-offs are taking place in Mr. Dusold’s room, room 248, and students are asked to coordinate a drop-off time with the Robinson PTSA by contacting via email, at [email protected].