The VooDoo Foundation brings food trucks to Robinson

Knights are surprised by a pre-Spring Break treat


Photo Jennifer Le

Students wait in line for their lunches at the Voodoo food truck.

Zoe Thaxton and Jennifer Le

On March 12, Robinson was treated to a food-truck-lunch provided by the VooDoo Foundation in the teachers’ parking lot. Students and teachers went out during their lunch periods to enjoy a variety of delicious meals free of cost, such as:

  • Baked Ziti
  • Pulled Pork with Apple Slaw
  • Smash Burger
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Pork Sandwich
  • Caribbean Pork or Chicken with rice and beans
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich with chips

Erik Youngs is the founder of this organization  and owner of Voodoo Chef’s Sauces and Seasonings; he also runs the Erwin Culinary College Culinary Program. Since he has worked as a high school educator, Young knows first-hand the challenges students face to go to college, especially for culinary arts. His nonprofit helps raise money for these students to subsidize some of their costs.

“In our short…four years, we’ve probably donated about…three to four hundred thousand dollars in culinary scholarships,” Young said.

Today, this culinary nonprofit is here to reward the students for all their hard work over the last year with the COVID-19.

“COVID times are very challenging. It’s hard to be a student right now… these times are unprecedented and we’re here to celebrate the success of all the students here at Robinson High School, continuing to self-motivate and self-drive and educate themselves,” Youngs said.

Students alike agreed.

“I was over excited for this. It was so surprising. The pork sandwich and the grilled cheese were extravagant,” Troy Smith (’24) said. “[In these times] it’s hard to come to school, but with this, it made me want to come.”

It was a lovely surprise to teachers and students, many of whom did not find out until the morning of. The event received donations from Catering by the Family, Silver & Smoke, Alfred’s, Fo Cheesy and Erwin Tech & VooDoo, collecting a total of 850 meals to hand out.