In-Brief Issue 6

RHSToday staff provide students with a list of important upcoming dates.


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Jenna Falkowski, Staff Writer

As everyone is getting used to school and September is slowly approaching, more important dates and deadlines are near.

Aug. 31 is picture day for freshmen, sophomores and juniors.

Sept. 6 is Labor Day and is also a non-student day.

Sept. 13 is our first club day. The Robinson PSTA is selling $9 PDQ cards for a $10 value on MemberHub. This is their first fundraiser of the school year and they use all their earning to support student scholarships, student initiative and engagement activities and hospitality for our teachers. Seniors can also pre-order their Senior yard sign for $10. The items listed above can be found on

Now there are many opportunities for numerous scholarships. On Canvas through student services in the announcements, there is a Scholarship Matrix and there is a whole list of many scholarship opportunities for freshmen through seniors. The amount granted varies throughout and deadlines start on Sept. 15

There is the Heisman High School Scholarship program by Acceptance Insurance for the top senior student-athlete. You could get as much as $10,000. The deadline is Oct.  19 and you can access full details and apply at

There is also a scholarship opportunity through Brooks Law Group and you can earn $1000 for being first place. The application deadline is Dec. 3 and is open to seniors. For more information, you can visit https://www.brookslawgroup/about-us/community/scholarship/ or through the Student Services section on Canvas.