It’s All In the Numbers: Statistics Proves Masks Work

The mandatory mask mandate proved to be efficient the first time around so it’s here for round 2!


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Isabella Gonzalez, staff writer

Masks are here to stay – at least until Oct. 15.

On September 9, the Hillsborough County School Board voted on continuing to enforce the mandatory mask mandate.

Cases are starting to decrease, just a few weeks ago children in quarantine throughout the district were about 4.4%, since a month ago when the first mandatory mask mandate came out quarantines have lowered to 2.3% and the board wants those numbers to continue to stay down.

An email to the Hillsborough County Staff from Superintendent of Schools Addison Davis says that the number of student COVID cases has decreased by 54% since August 23 when student cases were at their peak.

“We will continue following our supported mitigation strategies on campus that are recommended by the CDC,” Davis said. “Including hand sanitizer on all campuses and district facilities and encouraging frequent hand washing and social distancing where possible throughout the day.”

The precautions are continuing to lower numbers of staff and students in quarantine and all-around COVID cases. A chart in the email shows that on August 23 the highest number of student cases was 601 for the 2021-22 school year and after the mask mandate on September 8 the day before reinstating the mandate cases were at an all-time low this school year with 277 student cases.

“The board will revisit this important issue as we continually learn more about the effects the Delta variant is having on our campuses and throughout our area,” Davis said.

Before the mandate ends, there will be another board meeting discussing the topic.

“Millions of people have died already so you know wearing a mask really isn’t going to negatively affect anybody. It’s going to save lives” Kayleanna White (‘23) said.

Whereas, some students do not agree with the mandate.

“I don’t give a f— about the other people in this school so why the f— would I wear a mask if I don’t care for them,” Syrus Belt (’22) said