Get An A On Your Next PAPER

PAPER is an online tutoring company based out of Montreal, Canada.



The logo for PAPER from their official website.

Vikram Sambasivan, Staff Writer

With so many students getting infected with COVID-19 and being quarantined, forcing them to miss at least 10 days of school, it can get hard to keep up with lessons and continue to comprehend concepts, especially without much teacher support (due to the lack of e-learning options). Recently becoming available for free to all sixth to 12th grade Hillsborough County students, PAPER is an online tutoring company that can help with over 200 subjects, providing a possible solution to this grave issue. 

Co-founded about seven years ago, in 2014, by former teacher and current CEO, Philip Cutler, PAPER was built with the purpose of providing extra academic help to all students, no matter the socioeconomic background or any other limitation. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of both of his parents coupled with his passion for education Cutler had the drive and determination to grow his company. 

PAPER tutors are available 24/7 and are all experts in whatever they teach. Their goal is not to just give the student answers and leave them hanging, but instead to guide them towards the answer, helping them grasp the concepts along the way.

“The number one thing we tried to achieve with everything we do for students is to try and improve student confidence and academic confidence,” Cutler said. 

Highly acclaimed by students, Robinson High Sophomore Isabel Alonso had a great experience using it.

“[PAPER] is super easy to access when I’m doing my homework and the responses are always fast. I like how I can select one of my courses and find a tutor experienced in the subject to help me,” Alonso said.

A very promising product, the value of PAPER is not only seen from the student perspective but from the teacher one too.

“I know how difficult it can be to write an essay, let alone address all of the requirements that the teacher may have. PAPER appears to be a safety net that can help students who might otherwise struggle in silence; I would consider using it in the future,” said Eric Smithers, Pre-IB English 2 teacher.

Everyone in Hillsborough County can access PAPER by visiting this website After logging in, one can find help with their various subjects by talking to an online tutor through a chat platform, and upload papers to be reviewed.