How Devious is Too Devious

The new ‘devious lick’ trend is affecting schools across the country and has made its way to Robinson High School.

A stall at Robinson Highschool girls bathroom with the toilet paper off the roll and in the toilet.

A stall at Robinson Highschool girls bathroom with the toilet paper off the roll and in the toilet.

Grace Hilton, Staff Writer

Without a fail, the strive for fame strikes again.

This time, the tactic is a lot less legal. A new trend originating from TikTok goes as follows: You steal an item from school, you post a video unzipping it from your backpack, and above all, have the biggest ‘lick’. The term, defined by Urban Dictionary, is “A successful type of theft which results in an acceptable, impressive and rewarding payday for the protagonist.” Common things stolen are soap dispensers, pencil sharpeners, and even projectors.

This does pose a problem to many school districts, while the trend is hilarious- to some at least- it’s also very illegal. The trend has been cracked down by school administrations everywhere, and Robinson administrators even offer a cash prize for tips on trend participants. So, after the short rein of the school’s thieves, administration quickly took action and almost immediately stopped the stealing. Friends became enemies as they turned each other in while talk went around of who stole what. And, still, people wonder what may be stolen next.

Even though it didn’t last long, the trend left a lot of impact on the school. Only two bathrooms are open during lunch, which are monitored by adults. Additionally, there is no longer soap at the sinks, rather there is bottles of hand sanitizer. At times, you may here an AP yell, “get to class” if your in the restrooms. All of these changes have started to alter students’ view on the trend, finding less funny. It makes you wonder how long until things return to normal.

With the bulk of it over, we can look back and think about how stupid the trend was. But, it definitely was interesting to see how overnight a school can change when everyday items seem to disappear. But at the end of it all, people have regained conscientiousness and have started a new trend: ‘holy yields’. This trend is a counteractive to the devious licks because it encourages students to put back what they have taken. A full circle moment for schools across the country has occurred, but most schools still limit the chances of people being alone enough to steal things.

After numerous attempts, the administration never met with us for an interview.