Parking changes for phase 1 of construction

With the goal of preventing traffic near the construction, a new parking plan has been developed taking place on October 18


A map depicting the new parking and pick-up line procedures for 2021-2022.

Grace Hilton, Staff Writer

Robinson administration announced new guidelines for how the morning and afternoon flow of traffic will be handled.

The plan is a part of the construction procedure which will last 18-24 months starting in the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year.

A new parking lot has been setup on the side of Rembrandt Dr., opposite of the current student parking lot which will focus the before and after school traffic away from the construction. Parents that pick up students will still use the student parking lot. However, all cars leaving the pickup/drop off line will turn left outside of the gate toward S. Lois Ave.

Students will park in the designated parking lot on Rembrandt Drive and will use a cross-walk to access the school. Students will also be required to access and leave the parking lot from Manhattan Ave.

The aim of this plan is to prevent student parking traffic and student pickup traffic from mixing together. The plan will starts Monday, October 18 and continues until otherwise noted. The parking also makes room for the portable classrooms that will hold the students after construction begins.

In an email to parents, administration said, “In summary, students should access their new parking lot from Manhattan Avenue, and parents should access the drop-off area from Lois Avenue.  Both students and parents will turn left when exiting. Once again, this will take effect this coming Monday.  We are very excited as RHS continues to GROW TO GREAT!”