Holiday Showcase is Snow a Big Deal

Information about auditions for the RHS Thespian Troupe 2660 Holiday Showcase.


Photo JC Thaxton

The troupe performs during Broadway Knights on Oct. 20.

Vikram Sambasivan, News Editor

As the holidays approach, Thespian Troupe #2660 is putting on a holiday showcase. 

This showcase is an additional show before the State Competition in March as a fundraiser for the Troupe. 

“At IES everyone in the troupe qualified for states so now we are having the holiday showcase to raise money to go,” troupe member Jayden Fernandez (’23) said. “It’s gonna be full of Christmas/holiday songs and dances, and there will be a bake sale during intermission.”

Auditions are being held from 3:30 – 5 p m. this Friday, Oct. 29 in the Auditorium. In order to participate, one needs to show up to auditions and fill out the required audition forms. You must join the Troupe or already be a member to be in the showcase

Despite the show being produced on such short notice, there are high hopes from leadership.

“Luckily the holiday showcase doesn’t require the constraints of group practice due to its format of a collection of individual performances,” troupe president Elena Peden (’22) said. “Each individual or group is able to practice on their own and outside of rehearsal with no need to rely on the rest of the troupe, so that really helps with time constraints.”

Performance types could include songs, scenes, poems, dances and much more, but all must be holiday-themed. A variety of performances are encouraged. 

Additionally, crew members are needed to fill positions such as lights, sounds, costumes, stage manager, artists, stage crew, etc. 

The troupe is thrilled to put on this showcase.

“I’m so excited to do another variety show,” Fernandez said. “The winter showcase is always a blast because everyone is just so cheery and festive it’s a really great atmosphere for the performers and the audience.”