Performance of Broadway at (K)night

RHS Thespian Troupe #2660 performed on Oct. 20 & 21 in the RHS auditorium. This performance was the 8th annual for this troupe here at RHS.


Heckmen holds Witte’s hand as they play into the puppeteering routine for the number. He praises his scene partner, “For the most part, I held Ingalls’s wrist and said “do whatever feels natural” and kind of moved my arms to seem like I was controlling her. So, in terms of puppet choreo, she gets all the credit there.”

JC Thaxton, Staff Writer

Broadway Knights, a theatre production, is put on by Mrs. Pelamati who has taught and ran theatre for nine years. This year is their 8th annual performance with Troupe 2660.

The production is student-run with some members working behind-the-scenes to make the production run smoothly.

“It feels great to be behind the stage; it’s an experience like none other. To talk and work with not only the cast, but other crew members is exciting,” Connor Trimble (’23) said. 

Broadway Knights is a variety show with solos, duets and small groups from musicals and plays. Performing a solo can be daunting being the only one on the stage.

“I would say it’s definitely nerve-wracking as I am waiting backstage to perform,” singer Maddy Ruyle (’23) said. “But once I’m on stage, I focus on my performance and usually lose my feelings of nervousness. Also, the lights usually block out the majority of people in the audience, so that helps with my confidence when performing.”

Ruyle performed “What I Did for Love” from “A Chorus Line”.

Performing on stage is no joke because at times it’s not just the main singer up there; it can be a solo, a duet, or even a group number. When they’re performing not only do they have to remember the lyrics but also the choreography.

“The choreography for me was actually next to nothing. For the most part, I just held Ingalls’ wrist and said “do whatever feels natural” and kind of moved my arms to seem like I was controlling her,” Payton Heckman (’23) said. “In terms of puppet choreography, she gets all the credit there. Our little waltz was the only thing that I actually had to know, and that was minimal on the skill scale; so really, the rest of the ensemble and Ingalls completely killed it with choreography.”

Heckman was a member of the small group performance of “Both Reached for the Gun from “Chicago”.