First look at Robinsons’s new way of learning for semester two

In January 2022, RHS will start undergoing construction for a much needed remodel.

Allie Barton and Grace Hilton

As small portable classrooms fill the gate outside of school, questions arise about the plans for the upcoming school construction. How long will it last? Will all of the students fit? Is there even air conditioning? Here’s what we know about the next phase. 

Luckily, each student will maintain the same class roster and all schedules will remain as normal during the 18 month construction period. Additionally, portables will be in use for the entire time of remodeling. With a total of 45-50 portables, classrooms will either be arranged by department (subject) or by grade.

If one has a class in any building besides the language building and auditorium building, that person will find themselves in portables. The main office, student affairs and the student services office will also be impacted by this project.

Taking a look inside the portables, they are about the size of an everyday classroom. On the wall with the door and opposite wall, each one has a window and on the second wall, has a bathroom attached inside the classroom. Each room also has two whiteboards on opposing walls and all portables have air conditioning.

“The portables look more spacious than I had expected and I like that there’s air conditioning in each portable. I think that’ll be good,” Junior Joshua Kim said.

For many underclassmen, there is a good chance of them experiencing the new school upon completion around 2023. 

“So far, [the construction team] has been moving very quickly and in my opinion, ahead of schedule,” Principal Robert Bhoolai said.