TECO announces its partnership with USF

TECO and USF are working together to reduce carbon emissions.


The blades of a palm tree sway in the fresh air. To keep the air fresh, TECO and USF are working together, creating technology to limit air pollution.

Anneka deVries, Staff writer

On Nov. 8, 2021, Tampa Electric Company (TECO) announced that they would be teaming up with USF to research and come up with new ideas to reduce carbon emissions. Their goal is to reach net-zero carbon emissions from their power plants by the year 2050.

USF is one of the nation’s best research institutions, which is why TECO chose to work with them.

“The University of South Florida has a talented pool of faculty and students who are developing innovative solutions for the complex challenges facing our communities.  With our leading expertise in business, engineering, sustainability and other disciplines, USF is well-positioned to partner with Tampa Electric in support of a vision to create a cleaner energy future.” USF president Rhea Law said.

TECO is planning to work with solar, wind, and hydro-powered motors in replacement of the less environmentally friendly ones they have now, and due to their newly found partnership, USF is helping TECO explore the best ways to do so.

TECO’s partnership has been noticed and welcomed by the public as it is a huge step towards helping the environment. Especially considering how many toxic chemicals power plants can release daily.

TECO is striving to become eco-friendly and partnering with USF is only the first step. TECO is planning other partnerships for the near future, already announcing their collaboration with the Tampa Convention Center to put solar panels into use.

“There is no more important partner than TECO in the City of Tampa’s commitment to a greener, more sustainable community. Today, the City of Tampa, TECO, and the University of South Florida are taking a big step on the path to cleaner energy,” Tampa’s mayor Jane Castor said in a press release. “We plan to continue finding unique partnership opportunities and invest city resources to advance in clean energy technology and climate-ready infrastructure.”