McDonalds Debuts “Mariah Menu”

All I want for Christmas is the Mariah Carey McDonalds meal.


Photo McDonalds

Mariah Carey poses in front of the rewards available in the McDonald’s app.

Isabella Gonzalez, Staff Writer

McDonald’s has done their fair share of celebrity collaborations from their most recent the Saweetie meal to the BTS meal and the Travis Scott meal.

On December 1,  they release their newest collab with the one, the only, Mariah Carey.

“The queen of Christmas” is what Carey is famously known as so the timeline of this collaboration perfectly adds up. The chain is debuting the “Mariah Menu.”

Carey’s menu will carry on from Dec. 13 all the way to Christmas Eve. It will feature 12 days of select “free food” items with a minimum $1 purchase in the McDonald’s app.

Here is a list of the rewards in the McDonalds App.

  • Dec. 13 – Big Mac
  • Dec. 14  – McChicken
  • Dec. 15 – bakery item
  • Dec. 16 – six-piece McNugget
  • Dec. 17 – cheeseburger
  • Dec. 18 – McDonald’s famous hotcakes
  • Dec. 19 –  McDouble
  • Dec. 20 –  apple pie
  • Dec. 21 –  sausage McMuffin with egg
  • Dec. 22 – double cheeseburger
  • Dec. 23 – sausage biscuit
  • Dec. 24 – chocolate chip cookies

McDonalds is a staple in so many homes and that doesn’t change for superstar Carey.

”Some of my favorite memories with my kids are our family trips to McDonald’s, and of course, each of us has our go-to order” Carey said in a press release.

Carey’s go-to order at McDonald’s is a cheeseburger with extra pickles which you can get on Dec. 17.

“Mariah goes with the holidays like ketchup and fries, so we couldn’t think of a better partner to help us celebrate the upcoming season,” said Jennifer Healan, Vice President, U.S. Marketing, Brand Content and Engagement of McDonald’s USA in a press release. “Just like McDonald’s brings people around the table with their favorite orders, Mariah’s music connects us all during this time of the year. We’re so excited to team up to bring even more holiday cheer to our fans.”

It’s really refreshing to see superstars relate to the common people, and for us common people to get a snippet into stars lives based on little things like a McDonald’s meal.

“I am really excited for this whole menu because Mariah Carey is a Christmas time icon” Jocelyn Vargas a senior at RHS said.

Make sure you download the McDonald’s app before Dec. 13  and create an account to receive these rewards.