Jennifer Rosage is Jetting to Spoto

Rosage, AP of Curriculum, is leaving RHS after six years to become an AP at Spoto.


Photo Juno Le

Rosage smiles outside at her post after school on Thursday, her second to last day at Robinson.

Vikram Sambasivan, News Editor

On Wednesday, Nov. 17, it was announced that administrator Jennifer Rosage was getting transferred from Robinson High School to Spoto. 

Rosage, Robinson’s Assistant Principal (AP) of Curriculum has played a large role in the running of RHS for the past six years, and over that time she has made some great memories of her time here. 

“My very first day here, I’ll never forget. I didn’t even have to open a door, kids opened every door for me as I walked through the building I was just so thrilled. It doesn’t always occur – it doesn’t occur much today, I hate to say it, but that really made me happy so that was one of the nice things. Pep rallies [are another thing I loved], when we did [a] spoken word pep rally after the tragedy that happened south of us on Feb. 14, that was very moving so those were great events, and seeing the school spirit from the teachers that have gone to school here, and all the military connectedness, the connection to the base, those are all really great things” Rosage said.

While Rosage was the AP of Curriculum, an incredibly important position, she was much more than that to others, including RHS Principal Robert Bhoolai. 

“Well I think she is a core part of the administrative team, she’s been here for a long time, she has a lot of knowledge not only of this school but of the district and she generally has a great heart and I think we’re going to miss that smile, we’re going to miss her being able to bring a room together and make everyone feel good about themselves; I mean we’re going to miss her,” Bhoolai said. 

Having such great experiences in the past, there is nothing but a bright and dazzling future ahead for Rosage. She will be one of the open Assistant Principal jobs at Spoto High School.

“[I’m most excited about how] their principal has a really good reputation, so I always like to work for good people who aren’t lazy,” Rosage said.

With such an important member of administration leaving the school, it is necessary to fill that position as soon as possible. Bhoolai has already started the process of collecting resumés, to ensure a smooth transition. In the interim, both Bhoolai and Christopher Pettit, AP of Student Affairs, will take over the duties left in Rosage’s absence. 

After six years of dedicated service to the students of RHS, Rosage leaves some advice for them. 

“Really, always do your best. This passive-aggressive behavior of not going to class or not doing your best when you’re in there, you just, you will never, you will regret it. It’s just so important to get involved in school and do the best you can, and if you can’t do something ask for help, there are so many kids who volunteer hours for tutoring, there are tons of kids who will help you, tons of teachers who will help you, you just have to ask somebody.”