Top Four Places to Donate Around Tampa During the Holiday Season

Give back to your community this season by donating or volunteering.


Photo Julia Guillermo

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Julia Guillermo, Staff Writer

As the holiday season is officially underway it is the perfect time to help give back to the community.

For those who want to make a difference during the holidays, but don’t know where to start here are four places around the Tampa area that are more than happy to receive donations, along with volunteers. Each organization below aims to provide assistance to specific groups who are less fortunate through a variety of contributions. The holiday season can be one of the most memorable times for many people, which is why many organizations, including the ones below, would love for those to contribute their part in helping those in need.

Toys for Tots: Toys for Tots, established in 1947 by the United States Marine Corps is an organization that helps support less fortunate children during the holiday season. The program is officiated by the Commander Marine Forces reserve. Their contributions have reached more than 272 million children, with 604 million toys distributed in total. The program has been fortunate enough to have corporate sponsors and donors to help grow its organization through monetary contributions, toys and program awareness.

Meals on Wheels: Meals on Wheels of Tampa was founded on March 17, 1975, by the Florida resident, Gloria Fuentes. Struggling to provide assistance to both of her homebound relatives, Fuentes recognized that she was not the only individual in need of help. To spread more awareness on the matter of this issue, Fuentes brought together a group of pastors and church members around Tampa to form a committee of volunteers. The mission of Meals on Wheels is for volunteers to deliver hot, nutritious meals to individuals who are homebound, while also providing a way for them to connect with others. Meals on Wheels has had the opportunity to serve over 800  residents, which could only be accomplished through the efforts made by the strong sense of community across the Tampa area.

Feeding Tampa BayFeeding Tampa Bay is a community outreach organization that provides food assistance to 10 counties around West Central Florida, along with four hunger-relief solution hubs located within the Tampa area. Feeding Tampa Bay has become one of the nation’s top hunger relief organizations, as they have assisted over one million food-insecure families. They have provided over 115 million meals each year to those in need, which has effectively helped fight against hunger within Tampa Bay. The overall goal of the organization is to spread more awareness within the community on the topic of world hunger and how those who are able, can take action in resolving the issue.

Blanket Tampa BayBlanket Tampa Bay is an organization that provides the homeless community around Tampa with relief and support through various forms of assistance. Their community outreach consists of people of all ages, gender, and race, which is why it is important to the organization to reach each individual in an effective matter. Their goal is to build a strong support system for the homeless where they are treated with proper care, while also establishing kind human connections. The organization has collected and distributed over 13, 863 blankets, while also assisting more than 17,000 homeless people throughout Tampa. Blanket Tampa Bay does more than distribute blankets, they also collect hygiene items and clothes, which allows the organization to create large care packages, referred to as blessing bags. If you would like to help the homeless this holiday season Blanket Tampa Bay is always in need of donations or volunteers.