RHS Spanish teacher leads holiday toy drive

Robinson is hosting its annual toy drive for Colombian children and donations are needed!


Photo (photo credit: Sra. Landron)

An orphanage happily waiting to receive the gifts arriving from the U.S on the charity night.

Pim Kruthun, Multimedia Editor

As the holidays approach, families prepare gifts for one another in Christmas tradition. Children all over the world are writing their wish list in hopes of being rewarded for their good behavior this year. Since 2011 an ongoing Robinson tradition, the Spanish Honor Society hosts a toy drive for children outside of Tampa, in the Latin country of Colombia.

A little boy smiles after he receives a donated toy. (photo credit: Sra. Landron)

The drive is in partnership with a charity in California, Amigos De La Calle (“Friends of the Street”). The foundation regularly aids the needs of the homeless, providing food and clothing. Over the years, working with Amigos De La Calle, Robinson have collected over 400 toys for newborns and children up to 10 years old. 2 years ago, Robinson was able to cover enough toys for an entire Orphan center.

IB Spanish teacher, Sra. Martha Landron, is one of the head organizers for the drive and she is very proud of the past decade of contributions.

Landron’s motives to run the drive every year are both close and personal, seeing that Colombia is not only her home country, but she knows what it is like to be in the shoes of children without toys during the special time of year.

“I didn’t have a doll because my parents didn’t have the money, we were a family of 7 daughters and very poor… my god mother gave me one, and it was my treasure for many years [until] somebody stole it from me. Ever since then I feel the need to give something to children to make them feel special”  Landron tells RHStoday.

To ensure the children in Colombia receive the toys in time for Christmas, the Spanish Honor Society is urging toys be donated as soon as possible. Toys will be shipped on December 3rd to Colombia, where it will then be transported 3600 miles on freight. Donations for shipment cost are also being accepted.