Spirit Week: Robinson’s First Pep Rally Since 2019

An eventful Spring Pep Rally finishes off the March 2022 Spirit Week.

To cap off Spirit Week and turn over to Spring Break, Robinson students gathered in the gymnasium for a traditional Camelot pep rally.

The idea to have a pep rally first came from a student suggestion during an assembly at the start of the quarter. Since then, the Student Government Association (SGA) has taken up the task of organizing Robinson’s first pep rally since 2019. Leading up to the Pep Rally was a four-day spirit week featuring references from Disney’s “Teen Beach Movie” and the “White Lie” t-shirt and Not-a-Backpack challenges. For the day of the Pep Rally, Knights were tasked with wearing their grade-assigned school color.

Senior girls cheer for their side during the class chant. (Photo Juno Le)

“It was definitely stressful putting everything together leading up to the event,” said Priya Sambasivan (’22), SGA President. “I was especially nervous considering today was a Senior Skip Day and the last day before Spring Break.”

Sambasivan was right about the senior attendance. Nevertheless, she was still pleasantly surprised at the nearly-packed gym.

“This turnout was better than I could have asked for and I’m so proud of everyone involved,” Sambasivan concluded.

Since only the upperclassmen have any memory of a Robinson pep rally, IB Math teacher Steven Smith took over the court to teach the traditional Robinson class chant. Freshmen and sophomores were able to practice chanting “Knights, Knights, Knights, Knights, Knights” and “Black, Black, Black, Black, Black” to prepare for the official chant-off at the end of the Pep Rally.

The Pep Rally was filled with interactive activities, such as a “Finish the Lyrics”, where each grade competed against each other to run from their respective corners, grab the microphone from Isiah Calabaza (’22) and finish the lyrics of the song playing.

The game was followed by a performance from Robinson’s Kultural Dance Club, who received loud applause from the audience.

Dylan Costello (’24)(left) and Xavier Difo (’22) celebrate not getting eliminated in musical chairs. (Photo Juno Le)

Robinson students also participated in a friendly competition of musical chairs, where several were literally knocked out of their seats or had the chair pulled away from them. The game ended with Xavier Difo (’22) sitting in the final chair.

Teachers and staff also got involved in the school spirit in the teachers vs. students basketball game, featuring players from the RHS boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. The teachers, who were carried by MVP Officer Hester, won the game.

To inspire upperclassmen for the Night of Knights, SGA held a prom dress fashion show, featuring several RHS boys modeling appropriate looks for the upcoming dance. Students oohed and ahhed at the sparkly sequins and lace.

Finally, the Pep Rally wrapped up with the awaited class-spirit chant. The sophomores were the first class to be eliminated and immediately followed by the freshmen. This left the upperclassman juniors and seniors to show off their school spirit in hopes of inspiring their underclassmen.

Despite the Junior class outnumbering them, the Seniors won the chant-off, going home with a taste of victory on their minds to start Spring Break.

“[The Seniors] only won because it’s probably their last pep rally,” said Adriana Navarrete (’23). “Juniors should’ve won if it was solely based on loudness.”

Win or lose, Spirit Week left students with more school spirit than Robinson has seen in recent months.