The Yearbooks Are Here

Come get your yearbook at lunch this week.

Julia Guillermo, Staff Writer

The yearbooks are here and ready for distribution.

After working diligently on the yearbook spreads, the finished product is officially here. The yearbook staff will be holding distribution days during lunches on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Yearbook Staff Editor-in-Chief, Hannah Carlson (’22), was an integral part in the designing of this year’s yearbook. Carlson spent much of her time designing the spreads, as well as writing stories for each section. As a senior, Carlson is happy to have played a large role on the yearbook staff for the past three years and is excited about having left her mark on her last RHS yearbook.

“My favorite part of making this year’s yearbook was coming up with a cool theme and then being able to be creative with the design and content. I spent a lot of time on the dividers and the cover, which I think turned out looking really nice,” Carlson said.

The distribution will be held in the Armory, inside the cafeteria. The dates to receive yearbooks are Monday, May 9 for seniors only and Tuesday, May 10 will be for the remainder of the students who purchased a yearbook. Student IDs must be shown in order to receive your yearbook.

Stefany Moreira (’25) was thrilled to have been a part of the yearbook staff this year and expressed what she loved most about being a part of the process.

“My favorite part about being in yearbook was definitely getting outside of my comfort zone and exploring the photography side of yearbook. Taking photos was my favorite part for sure,” Moreira said.

The flyer for yearbook distribution is provided below, as well as a QR code for the sales list

The yearbooks are SOLD OUT, but the staff does have a waitlist (seniors get priority).