Final Exam Schedule

The exam schedule for the 2021-2022 finals.

Charlotte Stone, Features Editor

The student body hasn’t taken finals in a while, and since then, the exam schedule has changed. Here is a brief of the 2021-2022 exam schedule.

Colorful infographic depicting the 2021-2022 Final Exam dates. (Photo Charlotte Stone)

Reminder that there are no exams on Monday, May 23, due to graduation, and it is recommended that students do not come to school. It is considered a “Hold Harmless Day” where absence will not be held against students. If they come in, they will just be held in a study hall for the day.

With finals rapidly approaching, many students are beginning to stress about their upcoming exams.

“Exams are very stressful to me, but I’m happy that I don’t have an exam every day next week,” said Isabel Alonso (’24).

Although exams seem like a nuisance to many students, they are very important. All exams are worth 30 percent of their final semester grade, and many are required to graduate.

“Well [exams are] important to me because [students] need to pass those exams to pass the course. Plus, in some cases, those are graduation requirements, so it’s imperative to help [the students] out and be successful. Show up and take your exams,” said Assistant Principal of Curriculum Christopher Pettit.