Paragraph Perspectives | Parking Reserved For Expectant Mothers

AnnaBeth Graves, Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: This story is the first story in a new series called “Paragraph Perspectives.” Each post will be a perspective on something seen, done or noticed by a staffer, all written in one paragraph. Want to contribute? Email [email protected] or see Isabel Hanewicz in room 112 during 4th, 6th or 7th periods.

What’s up with the “Parking Reserved for Expectant Mothers” signs? Personally, I think this concept is ridiculous.  First of all, what are they expecting?  I mean, mothers kind of expect any and everything from their children.  They might as well be expecting the parking space to be taken as virtually any woman with a kid or two can park there.  Does the store preform some kind of background check on the women parked in the space to make sure that they are mothers?  Can I park in that space?  I mean, I’m not a mom yet but I expect to be one someday.  All that being said about the mothers, stores should probably invest in some other specified parking spaces.  We should put generalized labels for each type of person and every age group on all of the parking spaces! Clueless dads, confused grandparents, anxious teens, and middle aged divorcees can all have a special place in the parking lot!