Student Contributions |Love Long Lost

Spencer Williams, Student Contributor

Editor’s Note: This poem was sent in to the staff from a student contributor. Have a poem, short story or other piece you think we’d like to feature? Email [email protected], fill out a form under the “Contact Us” tab, or come see Isabel Hanewicz in room 112 during 4th, 6th or 7th periods.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is often times sweet,

and perphaps once so were you

you have left me alone and hurt

Praying for a new heart’s rebirth

I felt my heart tighten

I felt it fall onto the worn earth

once full of the love you provided

It’s now so trivial and small

The roses have wilted

and the violets are dead

There is no silver lining

and your eyes so full of love have stopped shining

The darkness has now consumed me

and sadly your light has been dimmed

I asked you to love me

I begged for you to stay

not a word was said

Yet to an early grave I was led

The roses are now brown and decayed

The violets have long since been lost

The sugar bowl is cracked and empty

And  I have long ago left this world

You carry on with life without me

and you are now with someone else and free

So I’ll stay here and pray from the dark

hoping you’ll find happiness and life

on Roses and Violets I lay

May you be happy in my world of grey

-Spencer Williams (’16)