Jesus Pizza…?

Meng Fei Shen

Cheese, tomato sauce, and sometimes pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, all on top of a dough. But how does pizza, a popular and ubiquitous dish in America, relate to the Bible?
Some might have heard of manna, a food substance from the Book of Exodus that was described to taste like coriander or marshmallows, from heaven. But have we ever heard of Jesus Pizza, pizza made by Jesus?
Actually, Jesus Pizza is just a name for the luncheon served to high school students, sponsored by First Priority, a Christian-based club disseminated throughout the nation. On the last Friday of each month, First Priority comes to Robinson and serves, at no cost, a myriad of delicious refreshments to participating students, including pizza (of course!), cookies, chips, and soda. Food’s not all, students viewed an inspirational rap performance by Edwin Camacho that had lyrics involving his testament to God and thanking God for aligning him back on the right track after being in prison. “I met Jesus while I was in prison for a mistake that I made, and that’s led me to do what I’m doing today,” Camacho explained.
On the other side, Matt, a young motivational speaker and pastor discusses frequently asked questions like how do I get to heaven?. He wants to lead students to the right direction, “Putting life together is a huge puzzle piece and God will be your biggest guidance.”
Just this past month, First Priority of the Tampa Bay area has assisted nine Madison families to enjoy a heart-warming Thanksgiving meal comprised of fresh, delicious turkeys, mash potatoes, stuffing, and all the other typical Thanksgiving foods. Now, the question is, how does First Priority, a community service and religious based club retain the money for these projetcts? Scott, who has been working with First Priority for four years says, “We promote the involvement of churches and they help us make this possible through generous donations.” As a typical Christian, Scott never thought of having this amazing career opportunity until he lost his job as a medical sales representative and received a call some days later from a faculty member of First Priority.
“It’s amazing, it simply is, for a student-led club to help so many families nationwide,” Scott, director of First Priority for the Tampa Bay area, claimed.
So the next time you feel like enjoying some pizza and hearing some inspirations, even if you’re not a Christian, come by the bus ramp during lunch and you’ll notice a crowd of benevolent, affable people welcoming you to their group.

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Edwin Camacho
Inspirational Rapper
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Director of First Priority Tampa Bay area