New Year Same You

Hannah Elliot

The ball has dropped and the sparklers have burnt out. The New Year brings in hopes of a better year and wishes of becoming a better person. Some take their resolutions very seriously but Kylee Gorngpratum (’14) doesn’t see the New Year as a time for a complete transformation but, simply some minor personal improvements.“I want to be the same ol’Kylee just a little more improved,”says Gorngpratum.Rather than extreme decrees like becoming a millionaire or a über healthy yogie (yoga addict), she strives for more reasonable and realistic goals,“I hope to get better grades by studying more,” she said. “I also want to improve my flag football skills because I want to get a state title this year.” Most people’s resolutions don’t last into the second week of the new year, but Gorngpratum hopes to break that undesired tradition. Not only does Gorngpratum want to get in better shape in order to win a state title, she hopes to keep up this resolution all the way until September so she can improve her volleyball skills and win a regional championship.“Right now I go to the gym three times a week,”she said. “I hope that doesn’t change in the upcoming year.”