Not The End of The World


Meng Fei Shen

Irate volcanoes erupt with ferocious, flaming lava, destroying everything in its path mercilessly. Waves attack the shores fiercely as a myriad of humans, like tiny ants, scramble helplessly, but eventually join the party. The Earth crumbles and darkness blankets the entire planet until all that is visible is the face of death. This stereotypical scene of the world ending has appeared in countless movies and books like “2012” or “Omega Man.” But guess what? If you’re reading this now, the world has officially survived…again. Big surprise right? Whether it’s the 1600 prediction by German protestant Martin Luther, or Judgment Day of May 21st, 2011 by Harold Camping, or the Mayan apocalypse of December 21st, 2012, time constantly presents the invalidity of these “false alarms”. Many believed that the Mayans could predict the future, although they merely stopped writing calendars, thinking that humans, with their supposedly amazing intellects, would have figured out the ongoing pattern of calendars. Instead though, people panicked as usual that the end of the world was looming near. If we actually listened to each of these claims about the end of the world, the world would have had to explode at least a thousand times by now, but instead of exploding into dust, here we all are in school and back to work. But if you’re one of those sincere believers in the approaching of the end of the world, go ahead and skip school right now, spend all the money you have, and be sure to pack plenty of canned foods and bottled water just in case you’re that one random kid who survives. When you’re all done preparing, you can confidently tell the End of the World, “Come at me, bro.”