Popular Culture in School


Isabel Hanewicz, Staff Writer

Nowadays, so much of what kids do and talk about- watching T.V., tweeting, or Instagramming- all revolves around today’s culture, filled with celebrities and “Did you hear what happened on the show?” or “Did you see what so-and-so did?”. So, when I saw the popular T.V. show Modern Family used as an example in my American Government textbook, I thought it was pretty cool. I am not a big government person, and the Government textbook can get a little lengthy sometimes- huge chunks of text with no breaks or graphics. When I saw the Modern Family picture, it made me stop and think about what I was reading about-the changing demographics of America- and it got me interested. It was neat that they found real world examples to use to try to keep kids like me engaged it what we were learning about. I think teachers and textbook makers should take note, and try to incorporate more real-world culture examples into their lesson plans. If more and more lessons plans included real world references like Miley Cyrus, Harry Potter, or One Direction, it would perk students up and get them to be more active learners. On tests, too, I will guarantee you that students will be less likely to forget a fact if they can relate it to something that they are interested in. I certainly remembered how America’s demographics are changing on my test- thanks to Modern Family.