What Happened to the School Spirit?

Christine Bocchino, RHStoday Editor-in-Chief

As I walked up to the football field, I wondered if I had arrived too early. Wasn’t there supposed to be a game today?

The stadium lights were on, and the cheerleaders and Starlets were performing, but the crowd was eerily silent. In the midst of the sea of people, only four people showed the amount of school spirit which had been ever-present in previous years, especially at the last home game of the year.

Arielle Ellis (’14), Julia DeYoung (’14), Aaliyah Gordon (’14), and Jansen Maldonado (’15) cheered on the knights, painted up.

“No one ever has school spirit. The seniors last year had a LOT more spirit,” said DeYoung.

DeYoung’s opinion is reflected in most of the student body — what happened to the school spirit?

“We miss the fact that we had a section all to ourselves,” Ellis said. “Now there are babies and people telling us to sit down all the time.”

But are the football stands the only problem? As I sat in the past two pep rallies, something had definitely changed. Last year, students went crazy during the spirit competition, and the cheering during pep rally games could be heard all the way from Mango Street.

We need spirit. Most people want to cheer at games, and want to encourage the football team, but feel like other students are judging them.

“I would twerk,” said Maldonado, talking about what kind of actions we saw with last year’s seniors. “But…”

Well, maybe not as much spirit as last year…