Flappy Bird Soaring to the Top

Alejandro Gomez, Morgan Deak, Staff Writers

Addicting. Frustrating. Pointless entertainment. These words all describe Flappy Bird, a new pixelated game available on iTunes, and the Play Store. The objective of the game is to navigate a bird through a series of strategically placed pipes. If the bird comes into the slightest contact with the pipes, the game is over. This is what causes most of the frustration while playing the game.

“It is the most stupid game ever” said Mitchell Chowning (15′). But many students disagree. Bianca Dyer (16’) said “At first when I saw my friends playing it I thought it was another Mario game, so I didn’t care to download it. But when I finally I did, I was hooked”.

In student’s free time, one is bound to catch some students playing the game. Despite the frustration it causes, kids can’t stop playing it. Dawoud Azahaf’s (15’) high score is 55, an untouchable score for most beginners. “Flappy Bird is so annoying, and I hate to love it” said Azahaf. But Pablo Munoz (14’) however can barely make it past 3. “I hate this game, it’s so stupid!” said Munoz.

With the newest trend blowing down the doors of Robinson and most of the country, it has climbed its way to the top of app stores’ charts. But is it just another fad to soon die out like its predecessors, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Temple Run?