Senior Nostalgia

Christine Bocchino, RHStoday Editor-in-Chief

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“‘I think I just tripped over a freshman,'” said Arielle Ellis. “Yup, that pretty much sums these past few years up.”

Ellis’ statement led to a trip down memory lane to freshman year for all of us. The entire last day of senior year, we soon found, was the most nostalgic day of our time at Robinson. When every teacher insists (after a last-minute review session, of course), on improvising an emotional speech about how we’ve grown over the past four years, for some students it was hard not to tear up.

“I made a lot of good friends here,” Olivia Moumne reminisced. And we all did. Which was why the traditional “Senior Clap Out” turned into a huge senior group hug (with jealous freshmen, sophomores, and juniors watching on either side).

After a long, difficult four years (“the slowest and fastest four years of my life,” as Maddy Hull put it), the IB seniors are finished annotating, presenting, and studying.

Oh wait.

“I’m still studying……still studying….” a stressed-out William Ihrig said.

Sameer Naik summed up his emotions about today in one word: “DONE.”


………..(Well, almost)



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