Bored Not Informed

Samantha Verdisco, Staff Writer

One month, now almost two. Throughout this grueling time span, families and friends remain uninformed to what occurred the night Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, containing 239 passengers, mysteriously disappeared under controlled radar. As a result of this sensational, tragic story, commercial news stations continuously drone on and on of courageous, international efforts supporting this crisis, as well as “new developments” supposedly forming by the minute. However, these simple bystanders are just as clueless and eager as the rest of the world.

During my recent trip to Atlanta, the prime location for CNN Headquarters, I tuned in for pointless, hourly CNN coverage of a story that headed no where. The garrulous newscasters covered topics, such as how the advanced aquatic robot, invented by universal cooperation, would attempt to search for the plane lost in the depths of the Indian Ocean.

They “reported” on technical difficulties throughout this process and, ironically, the crucial time span that volunteers had to locate the lost aircraft.

Experts in oceanography and flight were also invited to appear on the show, aimlessly babbling about irrelevant subjects, consisting of ocean currents and measurements, satellite images and tracking, etc.

Basically, CNN made an effort to fill the empty program space; however, this station did so with worthless information that still remains not only annoying, as programs like these are applied to cable bills, but also boring to viewers across the nation. For the families affected by this event, CNN’s tedious coverage of the tragedy does nothing but bring up painful memories. The networks should cease covering this event until there is concrete proof of what really happened on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.