With Exams Near, Time Management is Key

With Exams Near, Time Management is Key

Samantha Verdisco, Staff Writer

As students begin testing for AP, EOC and IB exams this week, it seems as if there are simply not enough hours in the day to successfully complete these tasks. You go home and focus on studying, attempting to ignore the fact that there is an overload of homework, pressure to perform well, AND final exams are just around the corner as well… Are you kidding me?

Stress is nothing new when it comes to the life of a typical high schooler; therefore, with only a number limited number of days in the week, teenagers can feel panicked with the amount of work required to complete, especially myself.

As a self proclaimed perfectionist and over-achiever when preparing my schoolwork, I tend to take longer on assignments than other students in my classes. I want to write and understand every single detail. I want to earn an A the project. I want to be recognized for my effort and dedication. However, this internal yearning for perfection only resulted in frustration and anger. As a result of striving to be flawless, I was throwing away the precious time I had. School ultimately consumed my life, and I am only a freshman.

It was not until recently that I consulted my parents for advice, wondering how it was even possible to be “perfect” while managing my time.

My dad was the one to clarify that it is still possible to accomplish my goals without being absolutely flawless. He told me to “prioritize” and create a brief list of  assigments with their due dates. As an outline, it specifies the amount of time I have until certain projects, papers, etc. must be completed . Not only this, but also it prevents procrastination becuase there is no escaping the evident task required to do.

Students should continue to strive to manage their time by prioritizing assignments and motivating themselves to succeed in their academics, extracurriculars and social lives.

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