Procrastination Problems


Frankie Wilson, Staff Writer

Totally forgot about that English project due tomorrow!

Eh, I’ve got at least 10 hours to do it!

10 HOURS! That’s nothing! I really need to get started on that.

… but that granola bar looks so good

and the couch looks so comfortable.

I have an 89% in English!

But then again, that  new series I just started on Netflix is so suspenseful.

My partner is a slacker who won’t do any work at all.

She’s expecting me to turn it in completely finished with her name  on it…

Wait… that does not seem fair!

Well, I suppose it’s too late now.

I let her get away with it!

Hmmm… maybe, to get back at her, I could just not do it either…

But that would just diminish my chances of getting an A!

Before I even think of that, how could I forget!?

I have a $10 iTunes gift card to spend. Duh!


STOP, focus.





But I’m pretty sure that fixing my chipped French tips is just as important.

I mean tomorrow is B day…

and that’s the day I sit next to that hot new guy!

This project is worth 40% of the quarter grade!

But that Klondike bar is going to get too frozen!

It’s just sitting there all alone in the freezer with no one to keep it company.

This project will determine my entire grade for English!

Ooooohhh someone just liked my instagram selfie!

Thank goodness I have 21 JA  tomorrow

But I have to beat 2048 first.