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Service Hours Help Students Give Back

Samantha Verdisco, Staff Writer

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As the second semester concludes, students stress not only about exams, but also service hours.

Do I have enough? Do I need more? Did I do this right? How will it affect me?

However, a midst the chaos of  tracking hours, schedules, organizing logs, writing reflections, etc., we often forget the true purpose of volunteering: Giving back to the community.

Just recently, I, as a requirement for confirmation, had to complete five hours of service from an organization pre-approved of by my church.  Reluctantly, I selected Metropolitan Ministries, a local homeless shelter, oblivious to the experience that was to follow.

As I arrived, I was welcomed by a young woman who spent her free time working with this institution. She guided me through a long, narrow hallway that eventually led to an open room where those, seeking shelter, lounged around, eagerly waiting for their names to be called to receive clothing and food.

I was quickly assigned the task of organizing clothes in the “Metro Outfitters” section. As a dawdled through the forest of clothes, a specific item appeared, standing out among the others: A uniform from my old school. I knew my family donated to Metropolitan Ministries before, but I did not expect to come in contact with a familiar piece. I wondered if this article could have possibly belonged to me. Ironically, checking the tag,  I discovered it happened to be my personal uniform displayed.

From this moment, it struck me that my small donation, coincidentally winding up at the same time and place that I had, can impact those in the strangest ways.

Here are some great places to volunteer at in the Tampa Bay Area:

Metropolitan Ministries

St. Joseph’s Hospital

Meals on Wheels

Help Brings Hope for Haiti

The Humane Society

**The Florida Aquarium

**Note: Age restriction (click link for more details)

























































































































































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Samantha Verdisco is a member of the IB class of 2017. She is currently a junior. Besides writing for RHS Today, studying, and preparing her burdening...

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Service Hours Help Students Give Back