Letter to the Editor: Spirit at States


Photo I. Hanewicz

The student section was very large, despite having no spirit bus and the game being over an hour away from school.

Joshua Saunders, Teacher Contributor

Editor’s Note: This letter was originally sent to all Robinson High staffers by Joshua Saunders, a math teacher and adviser of Knightmare Cub. It was sent the day after the state volleyball semi-finals, which Robinson was in, and where students were able to receive an excused absence from school if they attended the game, although they had to find a ride to Kissimmee, over an hour and a half away. The letter was sent to the rhstoday.com staff for publishing, and has been edited for grammar and spelling.

On behalf of the students, I wanted to thank everyone for being so supportive of the students attending the volleyball game yesterday to show their support for Robinson. I know when the volleyball team entered the court they were a pleasantly surprised by the crowd.

In my opinion, the thing that makes a high school a high school is the spirit of the students, teachers, and administrators. Kids can learn math, social society, English, etc. online through FLVS, home schooled, or at any other high school. What makes the High School is the Atmosphere. In our case, the Knight Pride. That pride was in full display at the volleyball game yesterday. About 100 students came out to support the volleyball team and it was really a nice sight to see. Face painters, signs, chants, and Robinson cheers from the opening serve until the bitter end, the students (both Traditional and IB) were showing that Knight Pride. Our student section was 3 times the size of the opponent’s section and that was with students needing to find their own way there. As far as I know our student section was the only one mentioned by the local media. I have a pretty inflated sense of self but I am pretty sure that whatever was going to happen in my class yesterday wouldn’t have left the lasting memory as what those students and players were able to experience in that state finals.

Everyone is responsible for that source of pride whether it be through the sports teams being successful, the A grade for multiple years, the success of the academic groups and clubs (band, business tech, auto, science team, Latin, etc. ) or the spot on various rankings and lists.

It has always been great to be a Robinson Knight and I think the students are starting to understand that as well.