The Day I Broke the Law [Column]


Photo Courtsey A. Graves

The cake I baked for my sister, based off of the birthday cake Hagrid gives Harry in Harry Potter.

AnnaBeth Graves, Staff Writer

I broke the law yesterday. Twice. The first crime I committed was nothing in comparison to the second- I jaywalked. The second thing however was awful, slightly more potentially dangerous, and definitely more terrifying. First let me give you a little background information.

I love to bake. Cookies, cupcakes, scones, you name it, and I would gladly ditch my homework to bake it. Yesterday, Jan 26, happened to be my favorite younger sister’s eleventh birthday. My parents had taken her to Orlando and I had stayed home to attend school and bake her a chocolate cake with pink buttercream frosting. After completely ruining my first attempt by making the rookie mistake of flipping the cake pans before the cake was completely cool, I was out of baking cocoa. I texted everyone I know that lives around me with a plea to either borrow baking cocoa or have a ride to the store. When no one responded I was at a loss. That’s when it happened.

Having no other option, I grabbed the keys to what will be my car in exactly 16 days and pulled out of the driveway. That’s it. I broke the law. I drove to the store to buy baking cocoa to finish my little sister’s birthday cake without a driver’s license. I also got a Subway six inch chicken teriyaki with sweet onion sauce while I was out because, let me tell you, resisting the urge to eat the cake you’re baking is very hard work and makes one very hungry.

Anyway, my law breaking days are behind me. The guilt weighed on me so much that I told my parents about my criminal activity after they were both full of chocolate cake. While they were both a little shocked by my actions, their shock quickly subsided into amusement as they realized that their 17-year-old daughter was telling them that she broke the law. I will wait the long 16 days before driving alone again and as a penance I will refrain from jaywalking for at least three weeks.