Superbowl Commerical & Halftime Show Review

Michelle Aros, Staff Writer

Superbowl XLIX happened on Feb. 1, with the New England Patriots beating the Seattle Seahawks. But the Superbowl isn’t all about the game. I think the best part of the Superbowl is actually the commercials and the halftime show. Here is my list of the best, worst, and most controversial commercials:

The best commercials of Superbowl XLIX:

  1. Budweiser- Lost Dog
  2. Clash of Clans- Revenge
  3. Bud Light- Real Life Pac-Man
  4. BMW i3- Newfangled Idea
  5.  Avocados from Mexico- Avocados Commercial

The worst commercials of Superbowl XLIX:

  1. Heroes Charge- Mountain Throws
  2. Jubila- Tackle It (no video available)
  3. T-Mobile- #KimDataStash
  4. Skechers- Pete Rose in the Hall
  5. Game of War- Who I Am

The most controversial commercials of Superbowl XLIX:

  1. Nationwide Insurance- Make Safe Happen
  2. Fiat 500x- Blue Pill
  3. GoDaddy- Journey Home
  4. Mophie- All Powerless
  5. Carnival Corporation- Come Back to the Sea

This year’s halftime show had tigers, fireworks, and lots of Katy Perry. To me, her show looked very well organized. I thought Perry’s introduction, where she comes out on top of a tiger, created a powerful introduction to the  show. The show is full of special effects and precise choreography. At the end of the show, Perry comes out with a sparkly silver dress with stars, hanging on comet and singing “Firework” while fireworks went off, a perfect end to the show.