Opinion: Watch Your Step


Photo L. Pustam

Students aboard the Westchase bus are forced to sit in the aisles.

Charlotte Rose, Staff Writer

For months, the Westchase bus has been excessively crowded. The 30 minute ride is dreadful and hot. Everyone is tired of being squashed the entire way home. Clearly, Hillsborough county needs to get better transportation to its students.

In the beginning of the year, there were two buses strictly for Westchase but now they are being shared with the Alonso hub. Many students are upset and want the buses back. On top of everything, the buses are never on time to pick up.

In addition, this reoccurring problem is causing safety issues. Students are hanging off of the seats, sitting down in the aisle, and sometimes even having to stand up. It’s getting ridiculous.

When the bus pulls up to the bus ramp, students crowd around it like savages. There is so much pushing and shoving that sometimes I feel like I’m going to be thrown under the wheels.

For these reasons, parents have tried to contact the school board but the problem is never resolved. We are all annoyed by the awful bus organization from the county. Something needs to be done.