Sweet as Sugar

Charlotte Rose, Staff Writer

Hit single “Sugar” by Maroon 5 has been on the Billboard charts for nine weeks now. The music video has racked up about a quarter million views in just under two months.

The video takes place in Los Angeles, California. The band travels around the city “crashing” weddings and surprising the brides and grooms by performing their new single. All the guests are shocked and run to the dance floor.

It immediately brought a smile to my face with its light tone and cute content. The wedding guests’ reaction to seeing one of the biggest bands on the planet at their wedding was priceless. The video is entertaining and comedic which makes it one of their most popular videos.

Even though “crashing” a wedding is usually seen as a bad thing, the wedding guests do not seem to care. The upbeat song matches the energetic music video. The song is about falling in love with a girl and not being able to live without her, which makes filming at weddings perfect.

All in all, Maroon 5 did not disappoint. The “Sugar” video is by far one of my favorites.


Watch the video here: