What the Bunny?


With Easter right around the corner, rabbits and eggs can be seen all over.

Ashlea Daniels, Staff Writer

My dad and I were having a conversation one day and somehow we got onto the topic of Easter. He pointed out to me that bunnies do not lay eggs and since then it has been eating away at me.

Easter is a holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, so how does this turn into a bunny that lays eggs? To satisfy my curiosity, I did some research about it.

It turns out that Easter bunnies have a slight connection to the Virgin Mary because hares were believed to be hermaphrodite and could get pregnant while remaining a virgin. Eggs are a symbol of fertility, and this connects with Easter being in the beginning of Spring.

These connections may be people just trying to make sense about Easter’s symbol, though. Whether the connections are valid or not, I still think that having a bunny that lays eggs as the symbol for Easter is very weird.

If it was up to me the Easter mascot to be a hen because while it may not be as cute as a bunny, it makes a lot more sense. Plus, think about how nice ‘Easter Hen’ sounds.