Like, Seriously?

Like, Seriously?

Ashlea Daniels, Staff Writer

I have started to notice that people say the word ‘like’ a lot. It seems that most people don’t even notice when they say it anymore.

I will admit, I say the word ‘like’ a lot more than I would prefer. But, if you actually listen to people when they talk, it can get really obnoxious.

While writing this, I’ve had a hard time keeping myself from using the word ‘like’ and becoming hypocritical. It’s insane how we start using a word constantly and don’t even notice it until we actually pay attention.

Even when used in context, certain words can get excessive. I’m not saying that it needs to be completely wiped from everyone’s vocabulary. In fact, I say it far too often to even consider it.

‘Like’ is intended to be used as a connecting word in sentences to make them flow easily. When I tried to speak without using the word ‘like,’ I had to think about everything I said and my sentences came out slower than they usually would.

But still, using ‘like’ more than a few times in a sentence gets really annoying.

Like, seriously?