A New Age of Transportation

A New Age of Transportation

Leana Pustam, Staff Writer

Last summer, before leaving for the Philippines, my family decided to try out Lyft – one of the new transportation companies – to get to the airport. Before then, taxis have always been our preferred method. However, when our ride from a Lyft driver came in under seven minutes, our preference changed.

Most of my taxi experiences have not been pleasant. The cars are dirty, old, and sometimes smell like musty cigarette smoke. Lyft is a cheaper and more enjoyable alternative.

When transportation companies such as Uber and Lyft emerged, they instantly became a competition for taxi services. The Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission does not like the introduction of these new services because of the decrease in taxi business. Many other states have tried to regulate or ban these services, some of them succeeding.

Uber and Lyft have apps that customers use to request a ride. On the app, the driver’s location will be given, and when selected, the user will be told how far away their driver is and information about them. The user will also be able to pay for the trip and give a tip through the app, which is convenient given the modern age of technology.

The drivers of Uber and Lyft are usually more motivated to drive because the hours are flexible. Many taxi drivers don’t care much about the passengers, therefore making the Uber and Lyft drivers stand out more and look better.

After my family’s first Lyft experience, we used the app many times, and consistently received a respectful, friendly driver. Even though taxis have concerns about it, it is a better experience for the customer. Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the transportation industry. The next time you find yourself in a dark alley at three a.m., be sure to try out Uber or Lyft – they won’t disappoint.