Headphones Unplugged


Photo L. Pustam

Leana Pustam, Perspectives Editor

A new rule has been implemented for the 2015-2016 school year – headphones are no longer allowed to be used on campus.

In our age of technology, high school students are strongly encouraged to use electronic devices in class to enhance their learning. Phones, laptops and tablets are seen in classrooms every day. A vital feature to using these electronics is the audio, and whenever students are going to listen to something they need their headphones. There are different viewpoints regarding whether headphones in school are beneficial or not.

PRO: The audio can be useful to the topic in class. Supersite and CrashCourse videos are just two examples of educational materials that require the student to listen to audio to get the full learning experience. Personally, videos are extremely helpful for me and I love watching them to enhance my understanding of something. Even if it isn’t directly something for school, headphones can help students learn.
CON: Students begin to use this as an excuse and say that they were using their headphones for school even if they were using them for pure entertainment.
PRO: The outside noise of a potentially loud class is blocked out so the student can focus easier on the subject matter.
CON: Students are less likely to collaborate with other students or ask the teacher for help if they have headphones blocking out the world.
PRO: Rather than the whole class listening to one person’s video, the student can use headphones to keep the sound to themselves.
CON: They can block the student from hearing important information that the teacher says.
PRO: Students like listening to music when working or studying, and in many cases this has been proven to help retention and concentration. Even though teachers can play music for the class, not all students work well with background noise, especially if they don’t like that type of music.
CON: Students begin to take advantage of their headphone privileges. Even though in class students must ask to use their electronic devices for educational purposes, they begin to use them more outside of class, in the hallways and in other unnecessary situations.
PRO: High school students are old enough to decide whether or not to use their free time wisely. They can decide how they would like to learn or study, with or without audio.
CON: Headphones could allow them to not listen to school-related material. If a teacher doesn’t allow a student to use their headphones in class, it would be easier to actively see whether or not the student is doing work appropriate for school.

Even though there are many pros and cons to allowing headphones in school, students should be allowed to have the opportunity to grasp a better understanding of a topic through the use of headphones. Although some students misuse them, all students shouldn’t be punished for some others’ misbehavior.