Finally, Leo for the Win


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Students watching Leonardo DiCaprio win his first Oscar.

Veronica Falcon, Staff Writer

Leonardo DiCaprio has been America’s baby daddy since his debut in 1989 on TV show “The New Lassie“. Ever since then, he has warmed our hearts with movies like “Titanic“, has kept us at the edge of our seat with films like “The Revenant” and has completely blown our minds in pictures like “Shutter Island“.

This wondrous man has received many awards and accolades, and yet he had not, util 2016, be bestowed with an Oscar, even though at that point an Oscar should have him.

DiCaprio is one of the most celebrated actors of our time and has gained the respect he deserves as wells the prestige; however, for many years, The Academy didn’t seem to agree on the fact that he needs to win one. If average actors like Halle Berry and creepy Jack Nicholson can win Academy Awards, it was quite upsetting that Leo couldn’t win one, even though he has stared in some of the best films of modern times.

For proof of his skill, look no farther than the fact that most of his movies are nominated for and win more than one Oscar. Additionally, his costars, like Kate Winslet, are showered with Oscars, while Leo is left in the dust to cry and dry his tears with his many Golden Globes.

Titanic is the movie that launched him in stardom and made him a heartthrob. The movie won 11 Oscars yet not a single one of those were his, despite the fact that his character, Jack Dawson, set the standard for guys everywhere and made every girl who saw it swoon.

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As the Oscars came closer people’s anxiety and excitement grew, since Leo losing had become a universal joke and expectation.

But, finally, on Feb. 28, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio won the Oscar for best actor in a leading role, for his brilliant performance in the spectacle “The Revenant”. Fans and haters joined together in astonishment and disbelief at the seemingly impossible moment in which Leo won an Oscar.

As he graciously carried himself to the stage to accept the overdue award, he showed the world once again his incredible intellect and dazzling personality. His humbleness was on display when he thanked his costars, Tom Hardy and Forrest Goodluck, even though the diehard Leo fans like myself couldn’t hear what he was saying, as we were lost in his eyes.

Leonardo DiCaprio is truly a champion of our time, and his Oscar further justifies his legacy as one of the most prominent and skilled actors to ever grace the big screen.