Ladies, embrace the name!

Anna Thomas, Editor-in-Chief

The argument that “we are all Knights”, despite our sex, still stands.

Similarly, we are all people, despite our sex or race. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace what makes us different.

Girls and boys of Robinson High School take the court and field every day, but the community has unintentionally fed into the stereotype that the girls, by default, won’t be as athletically successful as the boys. Don’t believe me? Check out the turn-out at a girls basketball game versus a boys basketball game. Or a softball game compared to a baseball game. The female athletes are left to be their own cheerleaders–their own fans.

As a student-athlete (and a girl), I take pride in being a Lady Knight. I’m not the same as the boys; I don’t act, train, win, or get treated the same as boys. So, why would I want to be lumped in with them?

The Robinson flag football team is one of few girls team that goes by “Knights”. And, as they are three-time state champions as of the past four years, I’m disappointed in the fact that they abandoned the ladies–the female athletes of Robinson.

They are undoubtedly the most successful sports program at Robinson. Consequently, they gain a significant amount of attention which could lead to major feministic change in the athletic community.

Nevertheless, their accomplishments are those of the Knights, separating them from every other girl sport at the school.

Girl sports, from high school to the professional level, are still thirsty for the recognition they rightfully deserve.

So, ladies, I challenge us all to work hard, play hard, and pride ourselves on being Lady Knights. So that when the time comes for us to be the headline of the story, the people will know the girls won.