Review: Shawn Mendes strikes a chord with new single


Kenzie Hatton, Staff Writer

Shawn Mendes, a 19-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter who first found fame posting covers on Vine, just released two new songs from his untitled and unreleased third album.

These two songs, “In My Blood” and “Lost In Japan,” are the topic of conversation for any pop-music fan, especially the Mendes-lovers.

“In My Blood” was my favorite of the two and if his upcoming album is anything like the song, I can not wait to listen to it when it’s released. On a different note than his former hits like “Stitches,” “In My Blood” doesn’t focus on love or relationships and instead is a more compelling ballad about his personal struggle with anxiety and loneliness.

Starting with raw lyrics like “I’m overwhelmed and insecure,” Mendes doesn’t hold back about what he has dealt with. You can feel the vulnerability that Mendez put into the son as he solemnly sings about sitting on the bathroom floor alone and begging someone to tell him that everything will eventually get better.

He sings “someone help me” as a cry for comfort and guidance and as soon as you think the song will stay a sad story about his struggles, the chorus picks up, his voice rises, and the drums in the background start. Mendes vows that no matter how much he wants to give up, he won’t because it isn’t “in his blood.”

When I first heard this song, I related and connected to the lyrics. As soon as I realized that the song wasn’t just a painful recollection, but a defiant statement that his struggles will not break him, I got goose bumps.

Although the rest of the song is in a soft, sensitive tone, the build-up and the chorus itself is dynamic and energetic as if he is declaring his purpose. A song about persevering with no one to help you but yourself is such a powerful message that I am sure many people will not only relate to, but take to heart. I have no doubt it will affect people in the same way it affected me.

Mendes is keeping the details about his third album fairly secret. He recently posted pictures on his Instagram that hinted that it is almost complete and with two songs already out, I would guess the release date will be sooner than later.