Thank you, teachers

Macy McClintock, Managing Editor

To the teachers– the motivators, the rule enforcers, the organizers, the care givers, thank you.

As a student, I can admit that I don’t say that phrase enough. I admit that it is easy to get caught up in homework and grades and not always be incredibly sympathetic to all that you do. I also admit that you deserve more than just one week to be appreciated.

I have had some rough mornings where I may not walk into the classroom with a smile on my face, I have had days where I panicked over a test, forgotten part of my homework or ranted or complained to a teacher. And in those instances, thank you for understanding.

To the teachers who may get pestered because they rarely enter grades or don’t give extra credit or accept renaissance cards, although it may not always come off like it, the students appreciate you.

We don’t always understand all that you do for us beyond the classroom. The late nights spent grading, the after school tutoring sessions- all to help us prepare. And not for a huge pay, either.

Teachers don’t pick up the occupation to become rich, they do it because they love it.

And I feel that students need to acknowledge that more. Perhaps instead of one teacher appreciation week, every day we can appreciate our teachers. Because they do so much for us, and deserve the appreciation.

But beyond the teachers that we see in the classroom every day, thank you to the administrators, our student resource officer, the cafeteria staff and the custodians, all who work so hard every day behind the scenes.

Perhaps we as students can show our appreciation in ways beyond a thank you, but refrain from throwing trash on the ground and clean up after ourselves in the cafeteria. That doesn’t need to be a weeklong act of appreciation, but can be small gestures that students can make to ensure that every day is staff appreciation day.

So again, thank you.