Parents, get out of our section

A question most students find themselves asking is why? Why do parents sit in our section?


Parents in the student section

Nicole Perdigon and Natalia McCalla

Dear parents,

Do you remember when you were in high school and your whole class would talk about Friday night’s football game? Everyone was deciding who to go with or what to wear. But, more importantly, do you remember that one section meant for students and only students?

Known as the “student section”.

If you don’t remember, this section is for students only. It is dedicated to no parents whatsoever. If you are watching your children play or chaperoning your child and their friends, there is a special seating area for you, also known as the “parent section”. This can be found next to the student section. Not in it.

If you are sitting in the student section because you think it has the best view, you are wrong. It does not. Every section and every row is meant to give the audience a good view of the field, so it does not matter where you sit. Just turn your head a little bit more and the parent section will give you the same view.

The student section is meant for us to be wild, cheer and scream and hype up our team the best way we can. It is not for you to sit there and judge and stare at us because you are annoyed with the way we act in our section. And instead of judging and telling us what to do, you could always move to where you were meant to sit.

Not to mention you guys have the biggest section but for some reason you want to sit in the student section which is also labeled at the bottom “student section”. Our section is the smallest to give you all more room in the parent section and yet you still sit there.


Sincerely, the student section.