Athletes should be able to wear uniforms to school

Wearing their uniforms to school on game days is a symbol of athletes’ hard work


Photo M. McClintock

Mia Blumenthal (’19) encourages the crowd to get loud during the cheering part of the performance.

Alyssa Acosta, Staff Writer

Coming into high school, every athlete looks forward to being able to show off their jerseys to the school on game days. Being able to wear your uniforms or jerseys to school allows students to represent their team and lets athletes show their pride in their sports and what they do.

Jerseys represent the hard work and dedication that it took athletes to earn a spot on the team, and the administration is taking away that privilege. I think it’s unfair for students who have been looking forward to getting to high school and who have worked so hard to make their teams to not be able to show it off.

Wearing their uniforms to school on game days also allows athletes to represent their teams. It helps advertise to their friends and classmates to come out to support their team and show some school spirit. When other students see their friends wearing sports jerseys to school it makes them want to go to their games and support their friends.

The reason why athletes are not allowed to wear their uniforms to school has never really been clear. Some people say it’s a district wide rule; however, schools like Plant still allow their athletes to represent their teams by wearing their jerseys to school.

Athletic Director and Assistant Principle of Administration Nikki Lockett said “Athletes can not wear uniforms o school because 1. our budget for uniforms have been cut drastically and to preserve the life of the uniform we dictated not to allow them to wear them to school and 2. they’re not dress code appropriate to be worn at school.”

Even though uniforms are expensive, a jersey is more than just money, it gives a sense of belonging. It makes you feel like you are apart of something unified. There’s other ways to raise money for jerseys. Administration should have taken a deeper consideration than just money issues.