Don’t pass the turkey

Jules Whitaker, Features Editor

Every holiday has its season, but Christmas has gone on for long enough. Most holidays get a weekend: Memorial day, Labor day, Veteran’s day. A few receive a couple of weeks, or tie in with the season to add some holiday flare. Christmas, however, is creeping its way into other holiday territory.

Hallmark has created the 25 days of Christmas, and the old holiday song claims the 12 days of Christmas following Dec. 25. Doing the math, if Christmas festivities were to begin after Dec. 1,  that would leave it with 36 days, maybe a few less because of New Years Eve and New Years Day. Nonetheless that’s still over a month to celebrate and be merry.

There are a few opinions on when Christmas celebrations can begin, varying from Nov. 1 to Dec. 1. Most people would agree that it deserves its moment in the spotlight, but when is that moment enough?

Year after year, stores bring out the tinsel and Mariah Carey Christmas songs earlier than the last. Thanksgiving is being overlooked. And as a personal fan of green bean casserole and the beloved mashed potatoes and gravy, this is just not okay.

The fourth Thursday of November marks the celebration of Thanksgiving. Traditionally this fall holiday is accompanied by a large dinner surrounded by family. The meal usually consists of but is not limited to: Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, cranberry and a few kinds of pie. Decorations include turkeys, cornucopias, pilgrims and woodland house accessories.

Thanksgiving is a warm, friends-and-family-oriented celebration, similar to Christmas, but not the same. The holiday season begins in late November with Thanksgiving setting it in motion and ends with New Years. If Christmas takes front and center, it takes away from the other holidays.

The holidays of the season centers around family, love, joy, giving thanks and giving charity. When you start Christmas nearly 2 months before the day itself arrives, it makes it less meaningful. It takes away from the other well-deserved moments.