Opinion: Club days are trivial and a waste of time

Club days are the most pointless school day of the month


Jack Kirk, Staff Writer

Once a month, Robinson High School decides that the first Monday does not matter, so we have a club day. I feel that club days are the biggest waste of time that the school partakes in. We should just have a normal day and completely forget that club days ever existed.

The most senseless part of club day is that most people do not join clubs because they are interested in whatever the club they are joining is about; people join clubs because they just want to skip class and hang out with their friends. This means that students come to school once a month to do practically nothing, which really defeats the purpose of showing up in the first place.

Teachers are also extremely hindered by club days, as they lose one day a month that they could be teaching because half of their class leaves to go to clubs. I have had plenty of classes in my three years at Robinson where there are no lessons whatsoever on club days due to a lack of students in the class. This means there is just a void day where if a teacher teaches something crucial, most of their students will not get any information that day.

The clubs themselves are not necessarily educational either. Some clubs exist just to be a get-out-of-class-free card and serve little to no academic purpose. There are clubs like Rock Climbing and Bowlers Against Bullying that are absolutely ridiculous and should not take a full period out of a student’s schedule. While bullying is bad and rock climbing could be a very empowering activity for students, these are programs that should take place outside of the school day and not interfere with the education of the members involved.

Maybe instead of having a virtual skip day once a month we have clubs after school so that those who are just using clubs as an escape for class are weeded out and forced to actually go to class.