PSA: wash your nasty hands

Guys don’t wash their hands, and I’m tired of it

Jack Kirk, Staff Writer

Growing up I was always taught to wash my hands after I used the bathroom, as I am pretty sure almost everyone else was. So I am absolutely perplexed at the amount of times I have seen someone use the bathroom and walk straight out without even looking at the sink.

The Center of Disease Control recommends washing your hands for 20 seconds in order to effectively kill germs, so no one has the excuse that it’s time-consuming or that they are in a rush. If you are going to be late if you have to wash your hands, then you didn’t have enough time to use the bathroom anyway. Plan your bathroom trips to include washing your hands, it isn’t rocket science.

Nobody wants to touch someone who doesn’t wash their hands because it is disgusting and just plain weird. Not washing your hands after using the bathroom is just as bad as sifting through some dirt and just leaving it on your hands. Just because you can’t see anything on your hands doesn’t mean they’re clean. The only reason you should not wash your hands is that you are allergic to water, which is extremely rare. So unless waters gives you hives or rashes, washing your hands isn’t going to kill you.

If being a clean person isn’t reason enough to wash your hands, then think about all the people you are putting at risk by not doing it. You basically become a human bio-weapon when you neglect washing, leaving germs and bacteria everywhere you go. Sure, there isn’t going to be an epidemic because of you not cleaning your hands, but there are people with issues with their immune systems that you are putting at extreme risk. Putting one person at risk for your unsanitary habits is one too many, so be considerate and do your school a favor by not sending someone to the hospital.

If you still refuse to wash your hands after using the bathroom I have no idea what to tell you. So if you are one of those few who decides to be gross, please do me a favor and don’t high-five me.